Theatre Arts (Drama) Associate in Arts Degree

Theatre Arts (Drama) Associate in Arts Degree

Program Code: 2A03850

The Theatre Arts (Drama) Associate in Arts Degree is designed to prepare students to acquire basic theatrical knowledge and academic skills to either transfer to a four-year academic institution or lead to employment in the specific areas of theater production as well as related areas in television, film, theme parks, education, and management. Related career opportunities include but are not limited to actor, director, costumer, makeup designer, playwright, drama coach, set designer, scenic artist, sound designer, lighting designer, stage hand, technician, wardrobe, stage manager, production manager, and educator. The Theatre Arts Drama AA Degree program requires 19-25.5 units of which 15-16.5 units are in required courses. An additional 4-9 units must be chosen from the various restricted electives. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Analyze and appraise the study and the making of theatre.

Outcome 2: Cooperate and participate with others in order to be supportive team players and effective leaders..

Outcome 3: Determine and evaluate personal and career goals.

Outcome 4: Distinguish and relate effective time management, budget management, and production management skills.

Outcome 5: Examine and maintain a balance between creativity and critical judgment.

Outcome 6: Illustrate the confidence and skills to “do it right the first time.”

Outcome 7: Compile and interpret a work ethic that exemplifies “know who you are and do it on purpose.”

Outcome 8: Measure and perform in a “learn by doing” environment.

Required courses: (select units from the following):
Introduction to the Theatre
Introduction to Theatre Appreciation
Musical Theatre History
Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre
Required performance courses::
Beginning Principles of Acting
Intermediate Principles of Acting
Concurrent enrollment in one of the following courses is required for THEA 180 F:
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity
Beginning Stage Crew Activity
Intermediate Stage Crew Activity
Advanced Stage Crew Activity
Required production courses::
Acting Workshop
Theatre Workshop
Beginning Theatre Practicum
Intermediate Theatre Practicum
Beginning Playwright's Practicum
Intermediate Playwright's Practicum
Beginning Director's Practicum
Intermediate Director's Practicum
Beginning Musical Theatre Production
Intermediate Musical Theatre Production
Required technical theatre courses::
Introduction to Technical Theatre
Scene Painting
Introduction to Sound Technology
Beginning Theatrical Lighting
Beginning Theatrical Costuming and Design
Stage Makeup
Concurrent enrollment in one of the following courses is required for THEA 146 F, THEA 160 F, THEA 170 F, THEA 171 F, THEA 172 F:
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity
Beginning Stage Crew Activity
Intermediate Stage Crew Activity
Advanced Stage Crew Activity
Performance courses recommended for actors::
Movement and Performance Skills for Musical Theatre
Beginning Movement and Performance Skills for Musical Theatre
Intermediate Movement and Performance Skills for Musical Theatre
Movement for Actors
Acting Techniques
Resident Theatre Company
Touring Theatre Productions: Rehearsal and Performance
Advanced Principles of Acting II
Beginning Musical Theatre I
Beginning Musical Theatre II
Intermediate Musical Theatre I
Intermediate Musical Theatre II
Production courses recommended for actors and theatre technicians::
Introduction to Summer Theatre Workshop
Beginning Summer Theatre Workshop
Intermediate Summer Theatre Workshop
Advanced Summer Theatre Workshop
Experimental Theatre
Technical theatre courses recommended for theatre technicians::
Advanced Topics in Theatre Technology
Video-Scenic Projection for Theatre
Rigging for the Theatre
Systems Maint and Troubleshooting for Theatre
Intro to Theatre Crafts Lab
Properties: Design and Construction
Beginning Theatre Crafts Lab
Sound Reinforcement Techniques
Sound Design for the Theatre
Intermediate Lighting
Scene Painting
Intermediate Theatre Crafts Lab
Advanced Theatre Crafts Lab
Theatre Management
Stage Management
Theatrical Production Techniques
Theatre Arts Internship
Theatre Arts: Independent Study
Recommended for all theatre arts students::
Theatrical City Tours: New York
Theatrical City Tours: London
Beginning Principles of Playwriting
Modern Dramatic Literature
Improvisation for TV, Film and Theatre
Oral Interpretation
Voice for the Actor
Honors Creative Arts - Theatre
Acting for the Camera
Stage Directing

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