Musical Theatre Program Auditions

About the Production:

We are one of the most highly respected musical theatre programs in Southern California, offering a 2 year conservatory-style training environment, led by some of the industries top academics and artists. Students who have completed the training in the program have gone on to either transfer to major musical theatre training institutions such as Pace, Rider, Hartt, and NYU or begin their professional journey in musical theatre on Broadway and other major venues.

Orientation - Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 at 6:00pm

June 16 from 6pm to 7pm via the Zoom link below. This is an opportunity for potential students to meet the musical theatre faculty and learn more about the training program. 5696 0352

Auditions - Monday, August 10th, 2020 at 9:00am

Due via your audition profile by August 10, 2020.

Requirements for our digital submission are listed below. 

Video Audition Submission:
(Must be submitted online via your audition profile by August 10) 

Video Requirements: 
Each song should be filmed/uploaded to your personal YouTube account and a link posted to the audition profile page.

There should not be a separate “slate” video, rather slates are to appear at the beginning of each piece.

The proper slate for a song is to share your name, the title, and show in which it appears.

Students should prepare 2-contrasting musical theatre pieces:

One song should be a ballad and one song should be an up-tempo 


Each song file should be 60-90 seconds (this time limit includes the slate at the beginning of the piece and is strictly adhered to; please do not upload media files longer than 90 seconds)

Songs should be filmed in a ¾ shot which means the top of the head to the knees should be visible in the frame.

One song should be written prior to 1970. This song can be either the up-tempo or the ballad (student’s choice).

One song should be written after 1970 and contrast the style of the first.


Students will learn and an upload a short dance combination based off of a video that is provided by the choreographer located at .

Dance/Movement Video 
  • Please take a moment to learn the dance combination off the youtube video 
  • The video will break down the movement facing away from the camera, from the back
  • Please record yourself performing the movement combination from the front
  • Submit the video through an unlisted YouTube Link through the participant portal under your profile settings
  • The song is “It’s Time to Dance” from The Prom
  • Time stamp: 3:40- 4:13
  • We understand finding a dance space may not be an available option. The backyard, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc are all perfect spaces to dance in.
  • Please be careful with dancing in these spaces and if you find a certain move is not suited for your environment we open creativity and a chance for you to hit a pose for that one move and hop back in.
  • Remember have fun, smile, and just go for it.

For questions regarding the program or the auditions please contact Tim Espinosa

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2020/21 Season Brochure

Expected Fall 2020 MT1 Course Load
1) Theater 184F (Musical Theatre 1 for 3 Units)
           *By audition/assessment only
2) Theater 191F (Intro to Musical Theatre Ensemble Voice for 1 Unit)
2) Theater 153F (Intro. To Stage Crew Activity for .5 units)
3) Theater 180F (Beginning Acting Principles)
4) Dance 140F (Intro. To Ballet)
5) Fall Musical in Concert Production (Theater 139F)
         *By Audition Only
The Musical Theatre 1 Studio Class (THEA 184F)
All incoming students wishing to pursue the musical theatre track at Fullerton College must audition for the first level MT1 studio class (Theater 184F).  We will be auditioning students into two sections of Musical Theatre 1 (THEA 184F)  offered in the Fall 2020 semester. We highly encourage you to jjoin the orientation zoom so that you can become better acquainted with the musical theatre faculty and program.