Stage Management Certificate

Stage Management Certificate

Program Code: 2C18749A

The Stage Management Certificate is designed to prepare the student for occupational competency as a Stage Manager in educational, community and resident theatre venues as well as theme park, television and motion picture studios. This certificate program requires a total of 37 units of which 31 units are in required courses. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Organize and create a prompt book relevant to a theatrical production.

Outcome 2: Analyze and evaluate the production requirements of a play or musical.

Outcome 3: Design, assemble and evaluate a theatrical play season.

Outcome 4: Identify and interpret common themes and purposes in producing a theatrical production.

Outcome 5: Evaluate and compare the job descriptions of theatrical production personnel.

Outcome 6: Identify and contrast the various theatrical unions and how they relate to a theatrical production.

Required courses:
Introduction to Art
Introduction to the Theatre
Introduction to Technical Theatre
Introduction to Sound Technology
Beginning Theatrical Lighting
Theatre Management
Stage Management
Required Stage Crew Activity courses:
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity
Beginning Stage Crew Activity
Intermediate Stage Crew Activity
Advanced Stage Crew Activity
Students are required to fulfill stage management positions for required production courses:
Acting Workshop
Theatre Workshop
Beginning Theatre Practicum
Intermediate Theatre Practicum
Beginning Musical Theatre Production
Intermediate Musical Theatre Production
Restricted electives:
BUS 262 Principles of Management
CIS 111 F Introduction to Information Systems
Music Appreciation
Intro to Opera
Introduction to Theatre Appreciation
Introduction to Summer Theatre Workshop
Beginning Summer Theatre Workshop
Beginning Playwright's Practicum
Intermediate Playwright's Practicum
Beginning Director's Practicum
Intermediate Director's Practicum

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