Lighting Technician Certificate

Lighting Technician Certificate

Program Code: 2C18746

The Lighting Technician Certificate is designed to prepare the student for occupational competency as a Lighting Technician in educational, community and resident theatre venues as well as theme parks, television and motion picture studios. This certificate program requires a total of 28-29 units of which 23 units are in required courses. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Identify and explain the documentation required to implement the lighting for a theatrical production.

Outcome 2: Operate and evaluate theatrical lighting equipment by participating in the practices of hanging, circuiting and focusing for actual productions.

Outcome 3: Identify, explain and evaluate the safe operation of lighting equipment associated with theatrical productions.

Outcome 4: Relate and explain the processes inherent in the theatrical lighting design process.

Outcome 5: Identify, describe and define terminology commonly associated with theatrical lighting.

Outcome 6: Analyze and evaluate the lighting requirements of a play or musical.

Required courses:
Introduction to Art
Introduction to the Theatre
Introduction to Technical Theatre
Beginning Theatrical Lighting
Intermediate Lighting
Required lab courses:
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity
Beginning Stage Crew Activity
Intermediate Stage Crew Activity
Advanced Stage Crew Activity
Required production courses:
Acting Workshop
Theatre Workshop
Beginning Theatre Practicum
Intermediate Theatre Practicum
Beginning Musical Theatre Production
Intermediate Musical Theatre Production
Restricted electives::
DANC 120 F Dance History
DRAF 171 F Fundamentals of Drafting
IDES 210 F Fundamentals of Lighting
Music Appreciation
Intro to Opera
Systems Maint and Troubleshooting for Theatre

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