Picture of Timothy Espinosa

Theatre Arts Professor

Timothy Espinosa

Program Coordinator, Musical Theatre, Fullerton College

Tim Espinosa (he, him, his) is a professional director, educator, actor, and electric violinist who serves as the founder and head of the musical theatre program at Fullerton College in Southern California. With a passion for bringing musical theatre training to underrepresented communities throughout the country, Tim has directed many diverse productions ranging from classical literature in Spanish to conceptualized contemporary musicals. With a dedication for presenting musical theatre training through a holistic, multicultural lens, Tim’s pedagogical and leadership approach is one that is centered around empowering communities of students and faculty to advocate for practices rooted in promoting social justice and equity within the craft of theatre arts. Recent service includes Executive Director for Educators for Equity in Theatre Arts (EETA) ,executive committee member of the Papermill Playhouse College Musical Theater Common Prescreen Auditions, Lead Diversity Officer for the Musical Theatre Educators’ Alliance (MTEA) and founder of MTEA’s Committee on Representation, Equity and Inclusion.

The podcast that that he co-hosts with his wife entitled Breaking the Fourth Wall, engages audience members in stimulating conversations on the current state of musical theatre and how we are advocating for positive change and greater equity in both the classroom and in the professional arena.

Tim is a proud member of Stage Director and Choreographers Society and Actor’s Equity Association. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater from California State University at Fullerton and a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from Brandeis University, Tim currently teaches courses in musical theater performance techniques, production and performance and musical theater history.

THEA 100 F Introduction to the Theatre
Mar. 28 to May. 21
8:07pm - 8:07pm

THEA 105 F Musical Theatre History
Jan. 24 to Mar. 20
8:07pm - 8:07pm

THEA 178 F Beginning Musical Theatre Production
Jan. 24 to Mar. 20
6:00pm - 9:50pm

THEA 278 F Intermediate Musical Theatre Production
Mar. 18 to Mar. 20
8:07pm - 8:07pm

THEA 285 F Intermediate Musical Theatre II
Jan. 24 to May. 21
2:00pm - 5:00pm